We supplies best quality miniature model trees & scenery products at very competitive prices

We manufacture high quality model trees, model scenery supplies at extremely competitive prices. With over 40 years experience in architectural model manufacturing, we have production lines for model trees & scenery supplies. Based in Mainland China, we aim to provide high quality model supplies, model trees for modellers at the best possible price.

Featuring a broad range of model supplies to complement our core products we also cater towards specific designs, requests and product lines to suit all modellers.

Handcrafted for creating miniature architectural models

Our Products

Etched Model Trees : Specifically designed for high quality Architectural Models, Etched model trees are available from 6mm ~150mm in height.
Swing & Wire Model Trees : An alternative solution to enrich your models with Swing and Wire model trees.
Palm Trees :Palm Tree selection featuring Etched, Mexican, Coconut, Royal Palm and Canary island date with more under development.
Plastic Trees : Model trees ideally suited to Railway & Game modellers.
Twisted Wire Trees : Premium quality twisted wire trees are specially designed for use of all models

Other Model Supplies
Scattering Materials : Grass powder, Foam textures and Lichen (available in an assortment of colours and grades)
Human Figure and Cars : Precision painted, highly detailed resin or plastic cars (Available at 1:100, 1:200, 1:300, 1:400 and 1:500 scales)
Figures : Precision painted, high quality figures (Available at: 1:87(HO), 1:100, 1:160(N), 1:200 & 1:220(Z) scales) 

Palm Trees

Twisted Wire Trees

Twisted Wire Trees

Etched Deciduous 


Human Figure