The prevalence of online scams continues to grow, with fraudsters becoming increasingly adept at infiltrating various channels. Recently, one of our customers received an email from me “,” instructing them to transfer funds to an account to “Bank of Tampa” in the United States. What is surprising is that this customer’s emails to me are being intercepted by the scammer, and I am unable to receive them. The fraudster is impersonating me and directing customers to transfer funds to their account.

In fact, our company did change to a new corporate account after August2023. We are uncertain how the fraudster discovered this change. Fortunately, to date, it appears that only this Korean customer has received such fraudulent emails. We kindly request all our valued customers to take note that our company only accepts bank transfers using our company account, with the payee listed as “Samtrees”. If receiving a bank transfer, it will always be in Hong Kong, as our current bank is Bank of China (HK) Limited, details as below:

Beneficiary Name : Samtrees
Bank Name : Bank of China (Hong Kong) Limited, Hong Kong
Address : Bank of China Tower, 1 Garden Road, Central Hong Kong
Branch : North Point (King’s Centre) Branch, 193-209 King’s Road, North Point
Bank Code : 012
Branch Code : 925
Multi currency account : 01292520175398

Additionally, please also note that our PayPal receiving email is or

Please refrain from making payments to other foreign bank accounts or email addresses. If you have any doubts or concerns, please contact me directly for verification. Apart from, more preferrable to reach out via email at or contact me via WhatsApp at +852 94944870.

The attached photos were provided by the victimized customer, and the emails in the photos mentioned transferring money to an account at “Bank of Tampa”, which is not affiliated with our company and of course the email was from scammer.

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